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Our sincere apologies to all who have recently had trouble navigating our site.
By month's end this problem will be fixed, and all new Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead and Dutch breedings and photos will be posted.
Thank you for your patience!

Our Featured Bunny for February


Broken Blue Senior Mini Rex Doe
Sire: BirchHill Nunavut - (Blue)
11 Legs, 2 BIS
Dam: BirchHill Winsome - (Broken Blue)
4 Legs, 3 BOB

Maris is another one of our foundation mini rex does, and with good reason. She has amazing type, a beautiful head and gorgeous coat that she throws on all her babies, along with beautiful broken patterns. Her background is pretty amazing as well. She is bred heavily BirchHill, and also Iris Patch, two top mini rex rabbitries.

Every litter she's given us has had at least one "keeper" or more in it. One of the best she's given us was Imagine's Aurora, a beautiful broken blue doe who won numerous BOBs, Best Fur, Best Breeders Herd, as well as coming in Reserve Best Mini Rex at the Royal Winter Fair out of 57 mini rex in the class. She consistently throws her background, litter after litter. She is now bred to Radar for the first time, and we can't wait to see what these two produce together. We're really looking forward to getting back out there this year with more of Maris' offspring to hit the tables!

Breeders of award winning Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead
and Dutch Rabbits.


* Coming, next month - Please visit Lisa and her new Foundation
Quarter Horse operation, at their new home on the web -


Lisa and Max

Getting ready to work ...

* Coming, end of March - HUGE Mini Rex announcement -
Watch for it ...





Welcome to IMAGINE RABBITS!  We are a family-run show rabbitry located in Burlington, Ontario, and have been in the rabbit habit now for seven years.  Our first year showing with the Dominion Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association, we achieved the first of back to back 2nd top Mini Rex breeder of the year, won our first Best in Show with our little blue Mini Rex buck, Ricky, (who we still have), and Lisa consistently won Best Rabbit shown by a Youth.  We had been on hiatus from showing for the past little while, but finally did get back out there this year very briefly.

We will be working hard this fall and winter to get ready to hit the shows full force next year.  We are concentrating on getting our Mini Rex back up to where we want them to be, our Netherlands will be kicked up a notch, and we are working on getting our Hollands, Lionheads and Dutch off to a good start. We are really excited about the direction each of our individual programs are heading.

Coming early winter - we are planning to expand both our Mini Rex and Netherland Dwarf herds, adding more colors and varieties.  We are really excited to be going back into colors we used to have, and several we have always wanted.  Watch for announcements over the next few months.

We invite you to look around our site, and hope that you enjoy our bunnies.  If you have any questions at all, or are interested in any of our bunnies for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We try to update our for sale and litters pages as frequently as we can, so please drop by often!

Proud Member of:    Dominion Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association
                                 Ontario Council of Rabbit Clubs

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